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    Honda CBR250RR JDM spec.

    My Ride:
    2004 Holden VYII Berlina

    My Other Rides:
    1992 Honda CBR250RR
    2006 DRZ400SM


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      CBR250RR with a Tyga fairing kit (on the right). Updates the look a little. Now has a Screaming Demon exhaust to reduce the noise a little bit. Currently working on getting my car in top form so I can rip it apart and rebuild it/repaint it.


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        I loved the cbr250rr! had one as my first bike.

        I gave it back to its original owner but not before replacing the body kit.
        So now it looks like this. He was over the moon. It was damaged by his ex and she never fixed it and I didn’t want to replace it until I was a confident rider.

        It was a zippy little thing but was way too small for me. I'm 6'1.
        Evil mechanics murdered my car. So I resurrected it back from the dead.


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          this is my 2011 Harley Davidson Sportser Iron with a few Screamin Eagle parts, right now it is making 86 Hp and 74 Ft. Lbs


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            Re: Show us ya ride!

            08CRF250r Switching to the 450r in january. The 250 makes me work to hard on the mx track. I can be much more lazy with the 450 and still make the jumps.

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              my first bike. love it

              Check out My 180sx here



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                I am triumph lover, If someone own such, than do let us share herewith with its glance full appearance.
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                  Honda Spada VT250 1988

                  My first bike and I love it, now sitting on my restricted so can't get much more than this and it's a great bike anyway.
                  Took it to the drags and ran a 15.8 1/4 which I found pretty decent, beating my friend who has a GSXR250.
                  V-Twin torque makes it fun to ride anywhere.


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                    2007 Honda VTR250
                    First bike, goes pretty well for what I use it for which is mainly running around town, however still alright to sit on 110 for a couple of hours on the highway when need be
                    2012-06-18 12.51.54.jpg


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                      This is my 07 Harley Dyna super glide with a 96ci (1584cc). I rebuilt heads and made my own intake, mufflers, and did the paint.


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                        Show us ya ride!

                        09 ninja 650 ImageUploadedByTapatalk1355419867.012233.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1355419876.979310.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1355419888.395712.jpg
                        Flat black plasti dipped, bored 10 over, 12.5:1 pistons, hot cams, two bro exhaust and juice box, and neon glow.


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                          The hyosung Gt250R. Would look a lot better if i wasnt limited to 97.7 kb
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                            Show us ya ride!

                            My 2012 Kawasaki Z1000

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                              Originally posted by TX3Mitch View Post
                              My 2012 Kawasaki Z1000

                              Absolutely adore the low-slung look, low bars/windscreen/mirrors.


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                                Show us ya ride!

                                Originally posted by Rake View Post
                                Absolutely adore the low-slung look, low bars/windscreen/mirrors.
                                Thanks man, I replaced the stock bar with T2 Tag mx bar which are around 2 inches lower and almost 2 inches forward, and there a little wider also to give that mean stance to it, the bar end mirrors with the wide bars makes it 950 wide lol