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Want to save for first bike, but what?

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    i suggest you look up the Honda vtr 250 nice bike to learn on and it doesn't sound like a lawn mower.


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      I think that something bigger than a 250cc sports bike would be best but if your inexperienced I suppose. I learnt on a 2001 Honda XR200R then got a 2006 Kawasaki KDX200 which is awesome for what I use it for (All trails) so thats my inspiration. I do think a motard would be fun and easy to learn on for the road
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        Reading the comments and reactions on this one, I guess there is some law that prohibits certain engine sizes/performance on some ages/time u got ur licence..

        Over here in Holland, we got some sort of rule like that.
        It starts literally today. 14th Jan.
        From now, u need to be 18 to get motorlicence.
        18-21: 11kw.
        21-24: 35kw
        24+: unlimited Kw....

        Before, it just was
        21+: unlimited Kw.

        I am 21, and got it when the last ruling was applied.

        So my first bike is:

        Kawasaki ZZR-600. like 66 or 70 kw for first bike, is pretty nice

        I think you can only have 250 over there?
        Never looked at anything smaller thena 600, so I really cannot help you, but I am curious about the ruling there.
        Can you up me on that?

        Originally posted by ADowbs
        I wouldn't buy the "unintended acceleration" story personally, she wasn't driving a Toyota.