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Would love to get a bike but, am a little scared...

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  • Would love to get a bike but, am a little scared...

    Are my nerves warranted?
    A bike can be a VERY enjoyable thing, but I honestly don't trust 99% of the people we share the roads with.

    This video sums up my reasons to feel worried about riding a bike.

    Does anybody have any stories, whether it be good or bad, to further help me make a decision?

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    guys on the bikes were asking for it.

    So I don't really see how that video is relevant, unless you plan on riding around in a huge group trying to intimidate other drivers.


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      It's not the thought of drivers going mental that scares me, because let's face it that can happen to anyone. It's mostly the fact that if someone doesn't see you and hits you (whether it be accidentally or not), you don't have a shell to surround you/protect you, like you do with a car.


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        yeah that's what stops me getting a bike, I think just driving a car is a risk in itself, a bike is the same risk with possibly a worse outcome.

        Maybe you could get a bike which is brightly coloured, also wear bright coloured clothing.


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          You don't necessarily want bright clothing, you want contrasting clothing. They'll teach this stuff in any courses you might need to do.

          One example from when I did the L's course, "So you have your red jacket, your red boots, red gloves and red bike. Everyone can see you. But what happens when an Australia Post truck pulls up next to you?"

          As for the dangers of motorcycling, well, it's nature of the beast, and if you get on a bike, you accept them. And yes a lot of the danger comes from things beyond our control. But you can manage risk. Even just a little throttle or braking to put some distance between you and 'that guy', it's that simple.

          The guys in this video, whilst I'll gladly admit they were victims and may have done some things in good faith (eg try talk to the guy, get his plates, whatever) they continuously got close and buzzed around like insects. Even though the driver in the car should NOT have taken the aggressive maneuvers he did, the bikers (excluding the first few times I'm sure) were putting themselves in a position making it easy for the driver to do so. They should've backed off and slowed down, or (worst case) cracked the throttle and shot off into the horizon. (Bla bla bla speeding, face it, if someone was trying to kill you..).

          Drivers deliberately trying to knock/injure/kill are virtually non-existant too. Riders may joke all the time how people are trying to kill them, but 99.999999999999999% of the time, it's just people being bad drivers, it's not intentional - and that's a circumstance which is entirely different to deal with.


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            If you want to go for it its good fun and you look like a power ranger in full leathers GO GO POWER RANGERS

            If they dont have mandatory rider training where you are i would recommend doing a defensive rider course most places teach you the basics you need to be a safe rider. the majority of drivers are just bad and dont look properly/cut corners but you learn to look for them

            i dont think any one who has ever riden a bike would say that they weren't scared when they were riding at some point and if they do they are lying its the same as a car if you have a near miss or lose control you get scared... when i fell off my bike i sat in the dirt next to it on the side of the road for 2 hours before i was ready to head back home and tell work i wouldn't be in completely forgetting i had a mobile phone in the pillion seat and that i only had a 3 hour shift... its a calculated risk but so is driving a car the big difference is that cars make you "feel" safe where as bikes dont offer the same... the majority of bike fatalities and injurys are because the rider did something stupid and lost control if you ride sensibly you will be fine


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              Go for a car still.