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Mods??? Any good

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  • Mods??? Any good

    hey is there any basic mods you can do to a bike for people who got a bike new or thinking to start

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    Exhausts... get a noisy one you look like a bit of a prat but people look
    you can do heaps of mods to bikes Cosmetic and Performance wise and most of them are easy but if its a new bike why not just enjoy it a bit first


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      For performance, as mentioned, exhaust, rejeting, performance air filter, power commander type products.

      Basically releasing the full potential of a noise and pollution compliant engine, or just buy a model with more power than you could use.

      Get better tyres than the bike was shipped with and after market suspension.

      Bikes are so good standard these days that not a lot of this is really that necessary, unless you are a serious track dayer.

      Finding tyres you like and reading up on how to set up your suspension would be the main priority.


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        I would recommend oggy knobs, K&N air filter and then work from there... If its your first bike, knobs will save the paint & frame. And like dug said tyres, because at the end of the day thats what holds you to the road.. If you want to continue to mod a bike you should ride it for a couple of months and get a feeling of what you want to do mod wise.. Changing things for the sake of changing things can ruin the experience of that particular bike. eg.. handle bars/ not so nice of a riding position.
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          in europe and north america the "knobs" are called 'frame sliders' if that helps
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            Cosmetic wise there are a whole bunch of annodised products you can get like swing arm spools, brake and clutch levers, engine case nuts, bar ends, rear sets and stuff like that. Tinted double bubble windshield is a popular one. LED indicators, RHOK 'Tron' wheels (google them), coloured chain and sprockets. It'll depend on the bike. I'd only really look to mod for power when on a 600+ cause on a learner legal bike you're not going to get much power from your mods anyway, and chances are if you're on a learner legal bike, you're still learning and don't need a rocket just yet =P. Exhaust is the one mod I would say should certainly get done though. A stock exhaust on a bike is boring and a noise one can be safer in traffic. If they can't see you, they'll certainly hear you. haha
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              Suspension 1st if you are planning to keep it and are looking for performance


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                Loud exausts make good horns, providing your bike has a rev limiter.


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                  A sticky set of tyres, Get a smaller front sprocket (15t to a 14t) and an exhaust.

                  Unfortunately the usual road rider and even most weekend warriors would not be able to feel any difference in suspension changes.
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                    Originally posted by monstar_100 View Post
                    Unfortunately the usual road rider and even most weekend warriors would not be able to feel any difference in suspension changes.
                    True, but at least go get the OEM stuff set up for your weight and intentions.