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    Thanks for all of the responses and helpful info. The reason I was thinking of a street fighter rather than a sports bike was for commuting.

    The sports bikes slightly larger fairing and low angular handlebars are annoying in city traffic. I would be open to any type of bike but the 750's are cheap 2nd hand and have low running costs. I could get a sports bike(with broken fairing) convert it into an agile street fighter for less than the price of a 100cc vespa. (I can get a gsxr 750 street fighter for just under $2000, its pretty much impossible to get better speed/mpg/styling for less)

    Also in the conversion from sports bike to streetfigher. I would be able to add my own taste and styling to the bike.

    Leo: Relax, I know what a street fighter is, the pic was just to show the general style to non bikers, im not trying to redefine the word or anything.

    Squirt: you may not be able to ride a bike fast and safe, but it doesn't mean others can't.
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      sorry, had a bit of a rant there... on topic i think street fighters are awesome Makes your bike yours not just another one off the production line


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        Streetfighters are for ppl that haunt the Streets, and crash a bit.
        Then, their bike isnt molested like the normal ones are.

        So, for me, a streetfighter somewhat resembles an idiot-ish driving style.

        I prefer normal bikes.

        Although a nice orange or green Z750 or Zx1000 Kawa doesnt hurt me

        Originally posted by ADowbs
        I wouldn't buy the "unintended acceleration" story personally, she wasn't driving a Toyota.


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          But a Z750 is a naked bike not a streetfighter...


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            If you didnt build it, it aint a fighter.

            If you want fighters then go here...