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  • The Duke

    Uncles Ducati which I hope to get in the future when he upgrades

    99' 748R with a 00' motor in it, Two brothers exhaust, sprocket set, chipped.

    A video before he swapped the motor and added some other goodies.
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    Mai gawd that paintjob....


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      Hes always been big on the skull thing. Not my style but it makes it one of a kind and it turns heads thats for sure.


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        That paint job would look awesome on a more modern ducati but instead of yellow red
        Still epic though
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          Looks nice mate!
          Cept for the 1 headlight..
          No symmetry there, I'd prefer 2 headlights tbh...

          But all in all, its a good looking bike!
          Wont see that headlight, as my bike would be behind yours every time you turn the throttle

          Originally posted by ADowbs
          I wouldn't buy the "unintended acceleration" story personally, she wasn't driving a Toyota.


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            It only has one headlight because it is a racing bike and didnt need a second light to begin with =p