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Not So Mighty Bike Mod (BLAAAAAAACK)

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  • Not So Mighty Bike Mod (BLAAAAAAACK)

    So as you may know i have a 2009 Hyosung GT250R. These bikes are fitted with a silver pillion grab rail. I think they look shit and mine was badly scratched and marked from my work boots. So i decided to respray it.

    Here it is pre respray. Scratches are kind of hard to see.

    So i sanded it all back and test sprayed the base to get an idea of what it would look like. (No clearcoat.)

    It was time to apply the first coat.

    Here it is after Four coats of BLAAAAAAACK and three of clear.

    Now if red = an extra 25 killowatts black should equal 22. therefore doubling the power output.
    Looks better IMO.
    Anyway thats it.
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    2009 Hyosung GT250R - SOLD
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