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Explain dirt bike laws? Any experiences?

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  • Explain dirt bike laws? Any experiences?

    I want to ride a (preferably) 125cc (pit-bike/trail or miniature dirt bikes)

    I will always wear proper protection and ride mostly off-road and isolated areas.

    Could I get into any trouble? do you have any advice for me? Would they be street legal? are there any conditions/guide lines for the bikes? Could I register it?

    15yo Male - Australia, Victoria

    Btw do you think MCM would put up any Bike mods in the future?

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    i'm not sure about Australia but here in America trail riding prohibits two strokes but if you have a place that allows a two stroke then you should be fine. all you need is permission from the land owner.

    but if you want more areas to ride in look at getting a four stroke. less harmfull to the environment so you can actually ride fire roads of parks and wildlife areas. Honda 150 big wheel is a good option and ktm make a big range of four strokes.

    Kawasaki make a mini version of the klr 650 called the klx 450 I think and it's a dual sport bike that's pretty popular for weekend stuff.
    sigpic Because Race car.


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      Some dirt bikes are legal here in queensland as long as they have their tail lights installed I think you can get a kit, and the speedo cluster.


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        All motorcycles ridden off road on crown land (Meaning anything that isn't a enclosed club or track) Must be registered with a current compliance plate and the rider must have a licence and CTP insurance.
        Just like riding on the road.

        If you ride unregistered in a national park, state forest or any other public land and are caught. (In NSW off road police patrols are quite common) you can be fined for riding unlicensed and riding an unregistered and uninsured motorcycle.
        The fines for that are over $2000 at the moment and could result in your bike being confiscated and impounded.

        Its all a game of chance really but your best bet is to ride only on private land with permission from the owner.
        In some cases you can ride a motocross style bike on crown land using a thing called Conditional Registration but you'd still need a license to get the bike rego'd and to ride it.