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Whats your favorite bike?

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  • #46
    Kawasaki Ninja 250r
    Small yet light and nippy
    Great little bikes and easy for anyone to have fun on.
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      40's-70's Triumph Bonneville, Bobber style... (Hardtail conversions are insanely tough looking)
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        have to go with the Yamaha R6
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          I'm partial to V engined sports bikes, so probably a Ducati 1199 Panigale R or Aprilia RSV4.
          If Honda finally go back to a full sport V4 instead of the VFR direction they took then one of them.




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            Tron Legacy motorbike concept. I don't actually know if it works, but it's pretty insane

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              Honda CBR 250 rr. It sounds amazing and is gonna be my first LAMS bike until I can move onto a zx6r which is also skitz


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                My friends homemade motorized mountain bike he is trying to put nos on.
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                  Honda CT110, Honda AB12, Honda CBR1000RR, Yamaha R1.


                  • #54
                    Bmw K100 cafe racer
                    classics all the way


                    • #55
                      My first and still a favorite is the HONDA CB400. Stories to come later on how I passed some literbikes on the mountain roads of okinawa on it. Also took my dog around on the back of it. She loved it.
                      Had a Yamaha 1300 air cooled but didn't like it that much.
                      current bike a 02 Bandit 1200.... talk about a hooligan bike! F'n love it! So much torque you don't need to down shift to pass and you don't need to redline it to get power out of it. I'm not real fond of a screaming engine on a bike so it suits me well.
                      Nice gentleman from San Francisco hit me on the freeway so it's now getting turned into Daryls 2nd Bike from The Walking Dead (well if he had a Bandit platform). So knobbies, R6 front end, air box delete and a stage 3 jet kit for the carbs, GP exhaust along with a lot of other visual changes and I'm going to have a unique ( and overly powerful) bike for sure. Got the compound crossbow for the back as well as the vest. It's still in the works..


                      • #56
                        I'm a big Suzuki fan.
                        I had an RM250 bored and ported (maybe more? can't remember, bought it like it and had it rebuilt but lost the receipts) was the deadliest dirt bike I ever rode. I'm 17 now and had it until I was 16. Learned how to do my first big wheelie on that (I guarantee I didn't intend to but I still did it... lol, 1 fractured tail bone later...)

                        I currently ride an XR650 (on my L's) and the pick up from 80-130 is awesome.

                        My first dream bike is the UGLY Hayabusa. Love them to death after I saw a turbo one on youtube.
                        My last favourite bike is the H2R, because why not?



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                          for a tally (I'm 6'4") with track aspirations it's hard to go past the Daytona 675, it looks a bit small but is actually quite long so I'm not even all the way back on the seat to tuck in behind the screen and the seat is correspondingly high so it's the first bike i've ridden that doesn't make me look like I'm riding a monkey bike in the trackday photos (which is, lets face it, the main reason to do a trackday, right?)

                          Back in the real world though it's under 720cc so same greenslip category as a 250, it has bags of torque low down because triple so it's easy to ride like less of a dickhead than people expect and isn't too bad on fuel for commuting, it's one of the lightest 600+ sportsbikes so if you run it dry and have to push it across epping road swearing at yourself you don't get a free heart attack, you can tune your own factory ecu with a laptop and $20 ebay OBD2 cable (so eg I have a different final ratio but my speedo is right, I can balance my own throttles because the bike tells me each cylinder's vacuum etc. etc.) and if you swap the top tripleclamp and buy a renthal bar it can be a street triple too (but with a few extra ponies and better forks). Downside is noone in their right mind, least of all Mrs. Experimental, would want to go pillion nearly 1.5m off the ground with a foot of air between them and the rider on 130hp of "designed to win supersport at the IOM TT" and no handgrips. No ****ing handgrips...

                          I also loved my Ducati 750SS (with the curvy bodywork) when we lived in england. Watching posh ladies in their forties cross the road and make their husband take their photo with your bike is a strange kind of compliment to your aesthetic taste... but mostly it was a bag of fun on the country roads around bristol and coped magnificently with 8 hour round trips to the track. I'd get another one but air cooled twin and sydney traffic is probably shithouse.
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                            I know it will look weird as its a relatively small bike and I'm tall as **** (203cm or 6'6") but I like the look of it, the somewhat sporty look, that 4-cylinder trying to poke out the sides, the classic looking round headlight. I want a Honda CB600F as my first bike, 600cc 4-cylinder.

                            Also, its being recommended as a great bike for beginners, sitting upright, easy to corner and a good bike to feel comfortable and gain some experience. It rides pretty much the same as most bikes you take lessons on, just has a bit more power, but the 4-cylinder is a smooth engine, so no high torque figures at low rpm.