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2006 Kawasaki 650r or 2000 Kawasaki zx6r

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  • 2006 Kawasaki 650r or 2000 Kawasaki zx6r

    Ok so I've had my motorcycle license for half a year (Ride a fair amount now that it's summer here) and I have a old 1982 Kawasaki kz550 ltd. I like it as my starter/first motorcycle (I also rebuilt the whole thing myself) but I'm looking for something that I can use once I've had my license for about a year. I will be almost 18 when I get one of these bikes. If you have ridden or know anything about these bikes to help me make a decision, then please leave a comment. Thanks!

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    650r is far more comfortable on long distance.
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      Sports bike vs a sports cruiser type. It's like chalk and cheese.

      What type of riding will you do?

      I have owned both and I can say you will be better off with the zx6r.


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        the 650r has a much more normal seating position, but the zx6r is much more badass, unless you have back problems, get the zx6r, you can only ride crotch rockets while your young, once you get old, you'll never want one.


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          650R is a learner approved bike in Aus/NZ...ZX6R is a high performance supersport bike.
          Take both for a ride, 650R has a nicer riding position and is more predictable and forgiving, but the ZX6R has a very nice well balanced chassis and tons of power to boot. But you will find the riding position will strain your wrists

          If they're the same price no doubt the ZX6R