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I feel like sharing 2008 Triumph Rocket III

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  • I feel like sharing 2008 Triumph Rocket III

    so i have this bike right... 2.3L 3 cylinder 150hp at the wheel. loads of fun right. well I have a friend who was a ball turret gunner on a B17 in WW2 and flew on the airplane "HURRI-KANE". He was shot down once. hit by a German fighter twice. emergency landing once. all in all his crew went through 4 aircraft during their 35 missions. I feel extremely privileged to know him and about a year and a half ago i asked if he would let me paint my bike to pay tribute to him and the other men and women served during the war. He said go ahead and this is what came about. .

    Myself and Sgt. Hoffart (the ball turret gunner) at the vet's day parade here in washington state