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Mad skills on a Ninja250

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  • Mad skills on a Ninja250

    Just goes to show a small light bike, with high cornering speed is a force to be reckoned with.
    A bit of local knowledge as well I suspect, by the confidence they go at the blind cork screw corner.
    See how many big bikes you can identify being passed.

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    Seeing as how he knows when to go in wide and still makes the apex of some of the bends hes got local skill.

    But it proves the point that HP aint shit if you can get around the bends fast. That guy made the big bikes his *****es. Both in corner entry and braking.


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      I can also tell by how they are riding that the big bikes are not giving it their 100%, they also have nothing to prove. This guy has to ride to the limit cutting people off like he is racing on an open track day. these other guys are just out for some laps. Ride with some common courtesy or save it for a real race. The street plates and the Wave to "Go By" is a dead giveaway.

      what a dick.

      p.s if you ride like that on morning Practice ON RACE DAY you get kicked off the track.
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        You sir, have just changed all of my thoughts on the Ninja 250.. and that biker is skilled! he made me feel like I can't drive for shi*