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Which brand of motorcycle gear do you have ? Why ?

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  • Which brand of motorcycle gear do you have ? Why ?

    All in the title, which brand do you like best (or which one do you have used and is a no go) ?

    My scorpion helmet for example, bought it 300 euros, dead in a year (the smoked screen isn't attached to the command to open it anymore, the visor have no notch -broke...-, the air in the cheeks leak ...)
    Doesn't recommand this brand to anyone ...

    My car : MG TF (2003)

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    As far as helmets go, I have both an Arai RX-Q and a Shoei RF1200. Both good summer helmets, the Arai fits my head a little better. Gloves and jacket I have AlpineStar, boots are TCX, and pants are some kevlar jeans that look decent but I wouldn't buy again due to the lack of padding.

    As far as the Scorpion helmet, I've got friends who run that brand and they've worked out pretty well for them.