Hey all,

Figured maybe posting up my Xj600 build might actually spur me on to start spending more time on the tools for the Xj rather than working on my EP2 Civic.

So might as well start at the beginning,

Around August last year I picked up a 1995 Xj600 Diversion from Gumtree from someone I'm pretty sure is of questionable character (blacked out BMW and plenty of cash transactions) for the lively sum of £280. Had it fired up but would only run with easy start sprayed into the carbs so either junk fuel or fuel pump issue (pretty common with the older bikes). So paid the man and pushed the bike home (about a mile or two). I then, in my eternal nerdery, set about creating a spreadsheet with an entire parts list of everything I needed/wanted to get the bike going and modded to where I wanted it to be for the initial stage of get it on the road.

Was looking at around £1100 all in to get it on the road again in good condition and ridable. However life had different ideas and it sat on the driveway until a couple weeks ago where I had to hire a van, bring my angle grinder and cut the lock off the bike so I could retrieve it from my ex's drive. So now it sits in the workshop on paddock stands with most of the service parts and a Td04 in a spares box, new wheels and tyres waiting for my attention once again.

Progress will probably be slow as I'm due to move again, though bike will stay where it is, and I also have 2 other bikes (read crappy broken 125's) and a 19 year old Civic needing work as well, however the Xj is calling to me and now my tools and parts are organised (and retrieved) I will probably begin the work in the next couple of weeks.

Jobs include
- Engine out and frame rust removal/repaint frame VW Midnight Blue (bought the paint for another project)
- Full service including Clutch and Throttle cable
- New tank (many dents and rust sludge plus previous owner permanently installed a shitty eBay non lockable fuel cap)
- Full exhaust system 4-2-1
- New wheels, bearings, tyres and discs
- Possible twin disc and uprated front suspension (if parts I have fit)
- Engine cover painting whilst engine is removed
- Front fork Seals
- Kick stand spring replacement
- Centre Stand Delete
- Front windshield/Fairing still deciding if I want a mad max naked or Fully faired
- Chain and Sprockets
- Bodywork respray
- AFR gauge for Carb tuning
- Carb clean and rejet
- Heated grips
- New lock set
- Rewire/replace loom
- Led lighting conversion

There's probably more as I lost my spreadsheet but that's what I can remember off the top of my head for getting it back on the road. Hopefully will be going and MOT'd by spring as the plan is to go on a ride to Germany and take it round the 'Ring next summer on a long weekend.