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Replacing seats in a car with airbags in them

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  • Replacing seats in a car with airbags in them

    I would like to know how to replace the seats in my 2000 focus with Recaros, however i dont know what to do about the fact that the factory seat has an airbag in the side of it.

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    Disconnect the plugs underneath the seat before you start taking the seat out. To prevent the airblag from blowing up in your face. Take the seat out and if it doesn't give you any warnings on the dash, its fine.

    If it does, off to your local Ford dealer to see if they can disable the seatairbags in the car's computer. I can imagine not all Focus models came with seatairbags so should be possible.


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      Not sure what the rules are in Oz but in the UK you are not allowed to remove airbags from a car. If a car had it from the factory then it needs to be there and working meaning you can't replace some seats with bucket ones. Same applies to catalytic converters even if your car would pass its emissions test without one.
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        as far as ive found the only one they dont care about is the side seat in older cars. they only seem to care about the steering wheel one where you have to put a 5 point harness if you nremove the steering wheel air bag also it wont let me post without a picture for some reason


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          Oh, I didn't see this was a video suggestion, I thought TS wanted to know how to do it... lol