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Kinda wanna know if a leaf blower can be used to give a car forced induction...

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  • Kinda wanna know if a leaf blower can be used to give a car forced induction...

    So the idea is, pipe a leaf blower up to the intake of a car, Derick would have been perfect (RIP), join the leaf blowers throttle cable onto the cars throttle cable so as the revs increase, so does the boost, and see what kinda tune/power gain you can get as well as what sorta pressures it can run.
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    They have already done this video....


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      Roadkill have done it, they even put a v8 on a trailer just making boost for the car in front.
      Good times.
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        They have already done this with 2 small leafblowers mounted on the hood/bonnet of some old white car.

        Roadkill has even supercharged a Monza with 5 leafblowers and later even build a trailer with a V8 engine on it, powering a supercharger that feeds into the intake of the Monza.

        In the first two cases, it didn't work. Leafblowers move a lot of air, but they don't actually pressurize it.


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          It is not really efficent. I dunno why but I thought it was the monza that worked. Somethinng did but it was a lot of leaf blowers. It ends up being cheaper and way better to use a turbo or a blower.


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            From what I remember from the first Monza episode is that 2 leafblowers made something like 6 or 7 horsepower and it smoothed out the torque curve. The extra 3 leafblowers didn't make a difference. Like I said, they move a lot of air. But they are not able to actually pressurize the air, which is what a turbo or supercharger does, it compresses the air so that more air fits in the combustion engine.

            The 6 or 7 horsepower they gained can be counted towards the engine or transmission being cold or hot, dirty sparkplugs or whatever.