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Electric SuperChargers NOT A MYTH! The're real and AWESOME!

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  • Electric SuperChargers NOT A MYTH! The're real and AWESOME!

    Hi MCM and user of the Forum!

    Electric Superchargers are NOT a Myth as we build an aftermarket production model which is currently available in the Netherlands!

    I attached a picture and a product sheet of the TORQAMP.

    We think MCM can re-make several video's!
    Obviously nr. 1: electric superchargers are NOT a myth,
    Nr. 2. The miata challenge!
    Nr. 3. Most easy sleeper built EVER!

    We are a young innovative company developing high performance products for the automotive aftermarket.

    Hope you guys are interested too!

    This is the TORQAMP, an electric compressor that boosts 1.4 bar! This is our product sheet indicating several specs and 2 use cases!

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    I dont mean to offend, but I would be wanting to see some independent data. Im sure anyone else selling electric superchargers and throw a lot of figures ab


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      1990 Chevrolet Chevy van G20

      1984 Ratty Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

      1963 Oldsmobile Super 88

      1974 Chevrolet El Camino


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        Audi already uses electric superchargers. But they are used to eliminate turbo lag, not for power gains.

        Show us some dyno results of it making actual power instead of showing us a nice render


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          um no, that's literally the same type of junk on ebay


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            Dear all! Thanks for your replies! And sorry for the late reply... we're quite busy with the many information requests.

            It's quite funny to read that some think we just throw with figures (rendered), that its rubbish, its only to be used to kill lag and not to improve power, and that its junk.

            We definitely have dyno results! And real figures! Its not junk and it can definitely be used to improve power!

            To show that its no crap, I included a non edited graph from the TORQAMP on a honda prelude and a picture from it on the testbench.

            If you want more info just check www.torqamp.com or check our facebook.

            We are a spinn off from the technical university and spend 3 years developing.. so quite funny to read that you all think its crap.

            Because we know that the ebay superchargers are crap, we made a video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHssTmqpoYM

            Thanks for the interest!

            Kind regards,




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              You can try as hard as you like, some people will be totally focused on making you feel down about it because it's such a new idea.

              I like it, it's clearly a developing technology. It can only get better.

              Would be ideal fitted to my Peugeot 106 1.5D engine.
              I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

              Project Diesel Tune:


              My new Daily HA36S Alto Works

              Martin's Kei to success



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                We do continue our developments! Upgrade developments on this series are control based on TPS (trottle position sensor) and a smaller powerbox. Though, the product is ready and ready for commercialization! That is also the reason why we suggested MGM here to make a video about it! But I guess they get so many video requests that they dont really see this forum. How awesome would it be to re-do the whole miata story... but now with our TORQAMP. No turbo lag, direct boost and up to high rpm's. I guess both the supercharged and the turbo charged miata are out raced! And then afterwards... place the TORQAMP inline with the turbocharger on the miata.... Kill the lag and increase the pressure overall!

                Regarding development: we are also developing a smaller TORQAMP for engines with small displacement but also a bigger TORQAMP for larger engines such as in trucks but also high performance cars with high displacement!

                We don't really mind about people trying to make us feel down about it! Its actually funny to read! Based on nothing trowing dirt! But even tuners are skeptic! We get people saying.. what you are doing is impossible The big advantage of skeptic people is that when they get the chance to try the TORQAMP, the difference is so big that are afterwards they are so stoked about it! We had somebody in the car who didn't liked Honda's..... after trying the TORQAMP, he said... Ill might buy a Honda... Not that its specially designed for a Honda.. The TORQAMP can be installed on any car! For example even on a Peugeot 106 1.5 Diesel. You'll even produce less soot.. Since there is a relation between soot and intake pressure. But on the 20th.. we will also test it on a nissan 350z. Last week we boosted a Renault 5 GT turbo... to kill the turbo lag. We also placed it on a Subaru Forester STI to kill the turbo lag. All these cars still need to be placed on the dyno... results will be displayed on our website and on facebook. Last week we bought a Lexus IS200... also to test it on!