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Electric SuperChargers NOT A MYTH! The're real and AWESOME!

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  • Electric SuperChargers NOT A MYTH! The're real and AWESOME!

    Hi MCM and user of the Forum!

    Electric Superchargers are NOT a Myth as we build an aftermarket production model which is currently available in the Netherlands!

    I attached a picture and a product sheet of the TORQAMP.

    We think MCM can re-make several video's!
    Obviously nr. 1: electric superchargers are NOT a myth,
    Nr. 2. The miata challenge!
    Nr. 3. Most easy sleeper built EVER!

    We are a young innovative company developing high performance products for the automotive aftermarket.

    Hope you guys are interested too!

    This is the TORQAMP, an electric compressor that boosts 1.4 bar! This is our product sheet indicating several specs and 2 use cases!

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    I dont mean to offend, but I would be wanting to see some independent data. Im sure anyone else selling electric superchargers and throw a lot of figures ab


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      1990 Chevrolet Chevy van G20

      1984 Ratty Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

      1963 Oldsmobile Super 88

      1974 Chevrolet El Camino


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        Audi already uses electric superchargers. But they are used to eliminate turbo lag, not for power gains.

        Show us some dyno results of it making actual power instead of showing us a nice render


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          um no, that's literally the same type of junk on ebay