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Best mod ever! Possibly never done before!!!!

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  • Best mod ever! Possibly never done before!!!!

    So i was watching this car show at youtube and they found an old Crystler Laser from the 80s. when they turnd the ignition on the car started talking! saying what was wrong whit it. I did some miner resertch and it really does do that. I have sertcht all over the web for how to make or buy something like this to fit any car, but cant really find anything. Coud you guys find a way to make a simple computer that activates pre recorded messenges thru a speaker when warning ligths turn on? like: If your Check engine ligth turns on the car will say Check engine? People will find some really creative ways to use this and i woud love to do this to my car to make it more personal. like when turning off your Trackion controll you coud make the car say: ITS DRIFTING TIME!!!

    I did try to buy a Jarvis afther i saw this becouse that was the cloesest i coud find, but they dont use paypal so i have no way to send payment to them.

    I know this is alot to ask, but it woud really make my day!!

    Crystler Laser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBFdvJwl8T8
    Jarvis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIFm...lUdGy5jUzsqJJo

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    I dont really like how much it talks. Especially living here in japan where big trucks play when they are turning over an external PA and so do buses and the stove... toilet... lights.... the bath.... Oh and cars.........

    But I't would be cool if only warnings came over the system or a Jarvis but you got to think it would need a fast booting PC because no one wants to wait for something to boot up to drive. MY radio takes longer to boot than my car does to warm up!!! But meh.... You gave me an idea.

    I want to make an LCD dash for my car. Just have the same problem of boot time.
    Permanent rev limiter = the crank popping out to say ELLO!!!!


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      Whit an on and off switch the whole getting anoying problem is gone as you can turn it off if you get tierd from it.


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        It's doable with an embedded arduino or something like that, but it's not as easy as a plug and play and need R&D (I mean you need to know how to code on arduino or other embedded chips)
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          have no ide what any of that means or is, but thats why i need a DIY video :P whitch at this point does not seem to exist


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            An arduino is a sort of really weak (but tiny) computer with input and outputs that you can be set however you want (by coding, it's a computer ^^)
            It will allow you to detect if an input happen, like if you plug in parallel of (or instead of, you can reroute it later) your dash light, and then, try to do something that have pre-recorded messages and play them when needed ..

            But hey, it's not something you could improvise on the spot, it's coding, it need knowledge (of the arduino basically) and preparation.

            But when you do know how to use embedded chips like arduino (or something else, there is a lot of chips like that) you have a world of new possibility

            you won't get a DIY video on something that specific ^^ but it's the best solution.
            My car : MG TF (2003)