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DIY Side skirt repair

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  • DIY Side skirt repair

    Hi all

    Thinking a great diy ep you could throw online would be side skirts repair, obviously side skirts and bumpers can take a beating and need to be repaired but also, buying oem side skirts from Japan you get stung with excessive postage to send anything over 150mm or something like that

    So I would have to get the side skirts chopped to get them here in a reasonable price range, so a how to on and plastic bonding and repair would be super helpful

    I'm not talking zip tie style repair I'm talking bonding/abs plastic welding it back together then body filling lines sand and paint style

    Think this is something you can whip up?



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    I'm doing some research on this as well, and diy fiberglass bodykits, they did cover some of this on the budget show car series for Auto Salon. This link should work hopefully, its ep. 1.



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      plastic is alot tougher to repair, you can try and do fibreglass filler on the plastic but you really need to make sure it adheres to the plastic or it will just fall right out.

      i find fibreglass heaps easier to repair but it is time consuming