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Double swap!

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  • Double swap!

    Take an early V8 commodore. Put the running gear into an RX-7.
    Take the running gear from the RX-7, add an extra rotor or turbo it (or both!). Put into the commodore.

    Whatcha'll think?

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    Are we talking like... 1980's Commodores and RX7's? Thats the only way not make this even half acceptable...

    I mean...
    Thats an idea....

    How about no?
    Putting anything but a Rotary in an RX car is... nearly criminal...

    Like, Regular Car Reviews quoted someone else in his rotary powered car videos,(i cant remember which one) "You fix the rotary in your RX to make it faster, you put an LS in one to make it reliable" or something to that effect

    Car List:
    1996 Isuzu MU 3.1L (4JG2 Manual) Turbo Diesel
    1990 Toyota MR2 GT 2.0L Turbo (SW20)

    Yeah... Thats about it..


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      I think it's an interesting idea. The inherent challenge would be that you change engines generally for more power or because one is broken, so it's hard to imagine a swap where both cars would benefit. And given the amount of work in swapping an engine I doubt many people would be interested in doing that where the engine going in was considered a downgrade.

      Interesting idea, though, and if you add mods in the process it might be possible to find a viable pair.


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        Or maybe a SR20DET into a lightweight flip front 6cly VL commodore, as in theory it is possible and very unique!