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2SEXY/2WISTD back to Japan

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  • Kaktus
    Good idea!! That would probably cause more of a stir over there than the R34-RX7 shootout!

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  • mirage22
    started a topic 2SEXY/2WISTD back to Japan

    2SEXY/2WISTD back to Japan

    Just watched the Turbo's a Temples Movie part1 and i suggest reexporting 2SEXY and 2WISTD on Aussi plate's once finished to max, instead of a R34 and RX7 for a Road trip to the best JDM hotspots in Japan! I hope your sponsor's will step in and help make this happen as MCM is most likely one of the world's best advertising median's with million's of deep pocket viewer's following
    on a regular basis and growing fast (I just swapped to Castrol Edge from Shell for all my cars, with great result's thanks)! All the best for the new year guy's!