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Interchiller Turbo/Supercharge

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  • Interchiller Turbo/Supercharge

    Hi MCM community!

    I'm interested in seeing a video where you experiment with interchiller intercooler systems which can bring the intake air temps down to arctic levels post turbo/supercharger.

    It would be interesting to see how the relationship between air density/temperature, boost and power is shown on an affordable car. Is it more cost effective to bring the intake temps down 50* or increase the boost to get more oxygen in. Can you run small turbos on N/A engines with super cold intake temps to get loads of fuel in without detonating? Does it effect detonation or enable more aggressive timing and so on.

    There are companies locally which do it on V8's and I've seen one in real life, very unusual and cool.
    This photo is from https://fiinterchillers.com/stage-2-upgrade/

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    Hey mate

    I've seen something similar on drag cars, but never on a road or a track car. My guess is that when you stress it with track driving for example, you lose efficiency.

    What I do know, is that charge temp is a factor, if you lower the charge temp in theory yes you can run more advanced timing because a colder fuel/air mix is harder to ignite. You could over-cool the charge temp and lose power.

    I don't have much experience with petrol engines, but certainly Indirect Diesels are sensitive to cold inlet temperatures and you can lose power. I'd guess petrol would as well, if you could cool the charge temperature enough.

    Practicality, you have to remember that for a turbo you have boost and flow. boost is the restriction, that's what creates the heat

    I hope Marty pops up and sees this post though, it would be very interesting to see.
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