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I guess the question is would Marty ever buy a Hyundai?

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  • I guess the question is would Marty ever buy a Hyundai?

    Budget rear wheel drive challenge BRZ vs Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0t The Hyundai being more underrated And cheeped Faster option of the two.

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    Hyundai Genesis is not the cheaper choice in Australia.
    That's the only model Genesis we got.

    Our similar Hyundai is probably a Veloster.


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      That would be a good little challenge. Nothing wrong with a trusty Hyundai although some may mock. Does seem their cvvt isn't sorted though.

      Have you looked at any specs on the Veloster Master Scythe?


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        Yup, driven one too. At normal road speeds, it's super pokey. I like them.


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          In Canada you can pick A good Hyundai Genesis coup 2.0t for $4500 $8000 Canadian .and we have dodge cars like chargers challengers hellcats Demond’s everywhere You don’t get them there. if Allan key lived here he would drive a ram cummins Diesel 3500 for sure