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Perth to Sydney challenge.

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  • Perth to Sydney challenge.

    I think you guys need to fly across to Perth by a cheap car and try to drive to Sydney. You both need to buy a cheap car each and drive it across Australia, the one that drives across the cheapest (not including accomidation and food) wins. So it will invovle how fuel economy, break down costs and value of car plus some challenges on the way. You both can have 1 co driver to help drive.

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    Sort of the LMMONS challenge of Lawrie's Mechanical Marvels.


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      Marty and Moog


      Benny and Scotty.

      Pros with the knows, vs the Bros


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        You know despite what you may have heard, we do have running water and power in the West, there are no kangaroos bounding about in the streets. i know we have that one pretend football time down Fremantle way, but the other one seems to have no problem taking a premiership off of you guys whenever your heads grow too big over there, so there's that ..