I've seen you boys do pretty much everything outside of Rotary and a Ford Falcon build, you guys have played with most engine combinations and brands but the only ford was the classic TRD Laser, just an idea as the suggestion would be an AU as they can be picked up from $500 ish dollars to higher from classic grandpa spec, good for its age spec and bogan trashed spec.

Hell you could even borrow my unrego'd AU that I have in my driveway here in Bathurst lol (its a manual rare forte lol)

With all these Barra conversions from early ford to holdens, nissans and other crazy things I don't expect that as it's been done alot. Using all the things you boys have learnt from dealing with euro cars to asain market cars to america etc I am just intriged on what you boys would do with it.

Just a thought.