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3.0L V6 camry touring 2001 model?

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  • 3.0L V6 camry touring 2001 model?

    I was thinking of buying one but it eats petrol a lot and its only auto.... The 3.0L engine was pretty nice when I tested it..... Maybe I can put that engine in another car if I buy it??

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    I have the csi 3.0L V6 version and it drives very well. Surprisingly it has alot of power (145kW pushing 1.2 tonnes)

    It does chew through a bit of petrol, but you can make it last if you dont drive with a lead foot

    Also i tried premium unleaded in it for the first time and it seemed to last alot longer than the E10 and gives it a bit more of a kick


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      Well since i'm on my L's and haven't driven many cars, the model before hand which is the Toyota Camry CSI V6 3.0L is such a great car. Sure it might not be a race car and sure it won't pick up any girls. But it's reliable as heck. Since I was a kid the family had never had a mechanical or engine fault. (except for central locking and antenna. But that was due to me being a kid and breaking things). I'm sure the next model after this would be the same and the suspension is such a comfort. Something that you can sleep on, on a corrugated road.
      Sadly on my L's hoping for P's.


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        They are good cars those Camrys. A very reliable Toyota


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          They are good cars I guess but they are heavy.... and they dont have that much power considering their weight


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            140Kw is not enough for you? These models go hard and can cruise at speeds well over the Australian speed limit... Unless you're going to the track these cars'll do all you ask of them and be reliable as well (keep it serviced!)

            Maybe you should state more clearly what you're after then fellow MCM'rs can suggest cars to suit