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thoughts on subaru rs

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  • thoughts on subaru rs

    so im getting my p's soon and buying my own car and was looking at the subaru rs, i just wanted to know a few things

    - whats the price like for parts

    -what year model should i look for

    -are they a decent car for a p plater

    -what are some common problems with this car or subarus in general ( if there is any )

    - also i wish to mod the car i get when im on my opens, is this a good car for that? ( im not looking to make it the fastest car out )

    thanks for your time people

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    1. as with subaru, prices can be a bit expensive if you buy genuine. second hand parts though can be had for a good price.
    2. try and get a 2003 onwards one. best bet would be 2005 onwards as they had a nicer dash/cd player set up
    3. yes they're good enough, 2.5 litre engine and can fit 4 of your friends.
    4. look out for cars with bad service histories, big end bearings are a common problem. the manual gearbox is weak if you abuse it.
    5. once you're on your opens, get a WRX
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      The Subaru Impreza RS is an AWESOME choice for a P Plater who is also in love with driving!!!

      Why, because the handling is similar to the WRX without the turbo hassles and it has the same seats and body cues as the WRX (no bonnet scoop though ). The insurance is lower than a WRX and the car is practical yet stylish. Mods'll be harder as no-one usually bothers to tune NA Imprezas but if you're not looking to go beyond rims/tyres, exhaust etc. then it'll be fine for that.

      Just beware of thrashed/abused cars and you won't go wrong


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        thanks guys, appreciate it :P ill take in what you have said and when i get to my opens i might get a wrx instead

        ill probably get an RS for my p's , have heard so many good things thanks again


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          Hey mate i have an 05 rs and i absoloutely love it, best shape inmy opinion, as mentioned above parts are expensive, i picked mine up for $12800 with only 65,000 klms on it.


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            yeah ive been hearing constant good things and thats good as haha , are the parts still affordable though or? and are they easy to find ?


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              The Rs is mad
              decent performance too by the looks of it.
              Only flaw is fuel economy, other than that would be fun and awesome


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                I have one (2005 RS 2.5L) and i love it.
                At the moment i have got tinting, new rims, sound system, cat-back exhaust system, lowered and aftermarket air filter RIMS.jpgRims2.jpg
                It does chew the few a little bit and i just got a new clutch kit and flywheel which cost $1600 but it usually would cost $2600 :-|