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Looking for a new car, not to sure what..

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  • Looking for a new car, not to sure what..

    Hi I am after a new car I 'owned' a diahtsu sirion but that didnt work out.
    So anyway I am not to sure what I want other then rwd, non-turbo and some thing that is fast OR a small car.
    I live in innner city melbourne so weather is not a big thing to consider.
    I do like the nissan pulsar hatch sss or the ford lasser but I dont like them enough to get one.
    The cars that I do really like enough are skylines/ silvas but I am finding it hard to find one as I only have about 4 grand...
    I also do like the early 90's bmw's and mercs but I am worried that I might just be wasting my money as I would think they would be expensive fo parts ( let me know if you have one so i get an idea).
    I guess I am after some thing economical as well....
    I also cant a car that would be a good starting point for me to do mods on and that wont cost to much to do so .
    Has to be a manual and I think that is about it, just one more thing what are celica's like, aroudn a 1992 i know they are a econamy car and there fore not that fast but I do like them and they are cheap..
    Thanks guys

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    If you want a BMW, then I wouldn't recommend any other than the E30. You could look into the E36 3 series but parts can get expensive and the interiors aren't up to scratch (bad quality)

    Mercedes don't come in manual often, you'll find a few of them but from experience, the manual gearboxes are a little notchy but good nonetheless. Generally, The older Mercs are more reliable and parts are cheaper than BMW alternatives. Take a look at a few cars, see what you like. I'd recommend a Japanese car if you aren't familiar with German cars but if you wanted to make a start, look at the BMW E30 and Mercedes-Benz W201 190E.

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      what about a bmw 325E???