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Audi 80 B3/B4 2.0 as a first car?

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  • Audi 80 B3/B4 2.0 as a first car?

    So, before we start, i'm only 15 (will be 16 in november), have no license (probably won't have it untill 18 or older) but i start to look for first car options already, like ~500-700 euros, i did some research, and at first i thought of golfs, civics, preludes, ford mondeo etc. Because of either their popularity/sportyness/reliability/cheapness etc.

    But then i saw an audi 80 sedan and checked it out, Audis are a quiet popular decision to drive here (german cars in general tbh, mostly bmw's tho), so i did some research, and all is good, but i haven't found any bad sides of it in the internet.

    (except the body, if the car got into a crash, it's hard to make the body parts look the same again and paint them as good as they were before the crash,so you have a really high chance of spotting if it was crashed, and some don't have power steering)

    so, what common problems it may have that may cost me alot of money if i ever buy one?

    Anyways, back to the research, i found out that they have zink covered body so they will rust/rot slower, in a country that is near a sea and that gets rains almost the whole year it's a good thing, one of the 2.0 engines that i don't remember the name of is super reliable and cheap (most of the parts for it are cheap), it's quiet comfortable, the design doesn't look too old but it also doesn't look too new, it has alot of tuning potentional because of having alot of moddiffications (i already thought of buying some rims, a leather interrior, original spoilers and bodyparts, coilovers etc.) Some of them (or all?) Don't have power steering, so will it be hard to drive for a new guy?

    So, opinnions, should i buy an audi 80 b3/b4 or an other car? Is it actually reliable and cheap? And what advices you can give?

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    the front cv joints permanently see about a 35 degree angle because of where the gearbox is so the boots split frequently and the cvs die relatively early (imagine driving a normal FWD car around in a circle permanently, you get the idea). the galvanised body is only good when undamaged, if "yours" has been crashed and repaired that zink is gone. They tend to break their exhausts fairly easily just behind the gearbox on the v6s (near where the two headers meet), not sure if this affects the 4s. They are heavy, but if you strip em out the huge mass ahead of the front axle becomes noticeable, so not much point in doing that to shed those kilos. Good side impact protection though, there's reinforcement behind those bulging doors. If you see a sunroof, run, Audi didn't know how to do drains back then. Their power steering is like an auto gearbox: needs to be running to check the fluid level so most people think it's fine when it's actually low, result is lots of busted pumps. they are a pain to get replacements for here, probably not a problem for you, but still a fiddly job (again, V6s might be very different parts but i kinda doubt it).
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      I see, thanks for telling me