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MX-5 or BRZ?

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  • MX-5 or BRZ?

    Hey Guys,
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    Personally i would go with the BRZ because I'm a Subaru fanboy, however both are super nice so i guess I'm not much help.

    I mean price wise, brand new Base Model Mx-5 is Cheaper, however highest end trim on the BRZ is cheaper than highest trim on the Mx-5.

    As far as the stereo and dash and whatnot goes, BRZ has a bigger screen with a much more refined interface from what I've seen if that matters to you.

    If Space is an issue (really shouldn't be when looking at these cars but hey) BRZ has more Cargo space and the seats fold down in the back whereas i think the MX-5's don't (could be wrong)

    Engine wise they're essentially the same thing so that's not too much of a factor.

    Mx-5 gets a few extra mpg if that's of concern but 2-3 mpg in my opinion would be negligible when i'm shopping for a car like this.

    Lastly, if you want a convertible i don't think the brz comes with a convertible option whereas the mx-5 does.

    like i said id choose the BRZ but I Like Subarus xD


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      How about a compromise and go for a Toyota GT86 instead.....


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        Close the gap, get a MX5-RF ^^


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          It's a very difficult decision, to be sure. The 2.0 MX-5 does have higher performance out of the box (and in fact for MY19 it's getting even more power, now producing 137kW which is plenty enough for a car which weighs at most 1.1t) but the BRZ has a higher potential simply because it's got a larger aftermarket catalogue and there's a few places where it could use some immediate attention.

          One of the most pressing questions that has to be asked is: do you actually fit comfortably in an MX-5? It is a tiny shoe of a car and I'm not even especially tall but even then I need to have the seat all the way back and, with a manual, the transmission tunnel is very intrusive into foot space.

          Handling is subjective and depends on whether you prefer flat cornering (BRZ) or a pronounced roll and more feedback (MX-5). The shifter is also much, much better in the MX-5 in my opinion, it's a light, direct and slightly notchy shift and it feels fantastic. The BRZ's shifter isn't bad by any means, though, it just feels a little bit more slur-ry.
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