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What automatic car to buy for a 5'8 Sydney P-Plater

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  • What automatic car to buy for a 5'8 Sydney P-Plater

    Hey everyone, I just made a post this morning picking between mx5 or brz but my text wouldn't show up in the post at all no matter what I did.

    So, I'm almost on my red P's and I mainly want either a convertible or coupe. I would like to mod the car to a certain degree as well.
    Things that are important for the car: 1: Looks. I want to grab attention cause well...I don't even know why. 2: Fuel efficiency. Cause I don't wanna spend too much on fuel of course. 3: To be decently fast. Just as long as its not as slow as a snail.
    My budget is capped off at around $30,000-$35,000 maximum cause I am financing (Yes i know a lot of people say not to but its almost my only way)
    Current cars I am considering:
    • Mazda MX-5
    • Subaru BRZ
    • Alfa Romeo Giulietta
    • Honda Civic Type R
    • Ford Focus
    • Hyundai Tiburon
    • Mazda RX-8
    Edit 2: I will also consider older cars, I'm not fussy about what year to an extent
    If I did get an MX-5 I'd roughly do this to it
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    5,8'? Aren't you worried you might not reach the pedals?

    Also, don't financy, you're a P-plater, you are inexperienced, its likely your going to get some dents and scratches on it. That's going to be a pain if you've financed it.


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      Hi Dan,

      Have you considered on second generation MX-5? There seem to be plenty to choose from between $10k and $15k (and some less than that), and its relatively fuel efficient, reliable and fast enough without being dangerously quick. It's also considered one of the most fun cars for the money, so would be a sure bet for plenty of smiles per miles! And best of all you can always save the engine, gearbox and seats for your future modded MGB GT or roadster!