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Looking for a sweet sport daily driver for 3000 to 4000

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  • Looking for a sweet sport daily driver for 3000 to 4000

    Hello, i've got some money burning a hole in my pocket and I think it's time for my faithfull 91 Ford Sierra Twin Cam to get some rest in my garage. With a budget around the 3000 to 4000 pound (yes i will be buying the car in UK since cars are way cheaper there than in france), i'm looking for something as enjoyable to drive as possible concidering my needs in a daily driver.

    What is your preferred Price Rang: 3000 to 4000 pound (of course if there is a gem in the 2000 mark i won't refuse it)

    Preferred number of doors: Two doors, three doors, four doors, five doors, six doors... As long as you can stuff at least four adults in it with enough leg room and head room for them to support long drives it's fine for me.

    Preferred drive train type: AWD/4WD and RWD... but if you know a really good oversteering FWD car tell me i'd love to look at it.

    Preferred gearbox type: Manual, Manual and Manual.

    Main use of the vehicle: Part time daily driver allong with my faithfull old Sierra GT and the french public transit system. I will also use it to go on car show with it without keeping it appart from the others cars. I also want to be able to modify it so it need to have a good aftermarket support (ECU, exaust, suspensions, sound systeme, and maybe all the other things you can do in a week end without making it unusable as a daily) and maybe some racetrack some time to times.

    Any other requirements: An opening Sunshine Roof, the wider it is, the better it is (i can't get a convertible so the sunroof is mandatory, i can't live without it either). And speeking of mandatory apsects of the car, it need to be as awesome to drive as possible without having to floor it all the time, something to put a smile on my face while going to work or at the racetrack ^^

    For the optional options, a cruise controle and speed regulator, electrics mirrors, electric seats and air con would be nice things to have.

    I hope your advices and experiences will help me to choose, thank you for your help and i hope my english isn't too bad to read ^^
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    Plenty of good options in that price range, personally I'd recommend something subaru always, quick search and you could snag an early 2000's to 2008 impreza with manual and a sunroof in that price range in the UK with around 100k on it. I actually learned to drive manual on an impreza wagon and it was a fun little thing to drive and had a surprising amount of space considering how small they look.


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      Thank for your answer ^^
      I have thought of it, but I can't finde my favorit sub (the bugeye impreza WRX) with a sunroof (i'm will keep looking)

      While browsing for cool used cars, i've found some posts about two that are supposed to be awesome and to match my needs, the Mk1 Seat Leon Cupra (20v Turbo) and the Mk1 Skoda Octavia vRS (same engine) but all the VAG cars that i've drove so far felt absolutely misserable.

      The mains ones where my mum old Golf IV 1.6 16v, my dad audi A4 1.9 TDI Avant 1998 and my mum audi A4 2.5 TDI 2003. All of them just felt like all joy and soul have been carefully destroyed in exchange for borrigness, like the cars came with a sticker saying " All joy and excitement you could occure feeling while driving this car would be purely accidental and unrelated to the car itself".

      All that to say that i'm pretty sceptical about how good the Cupra and the VRS could be, but the internet it pretty clear about it, they're awesome, so i'm wondering if one of them actualy feel thrilling and exciting to drive, with plenty of road feel, tight handling, a prompt to swing rear axle and enough low end power to feel good in crowded traffic?

      Amongs all the other classic, Civic Type R, Primera GT/Sunny GTI (the ones with the SR20DE) and toyota Celica, one of my friend also told me to look at a Lexus IS200, would it be a good one?
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