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Moving down under!

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  • Moving down under!

    How's it going folks? Canadian here moving to Aus early next month, gonna be looking to buy a car pretty quick, I'll have a budget around 3 grand, looking for something manual, preferably a wagon or hatch, but not really picky.
    Just wondering what advice you locals could throw my way? I'll be landing in brisbane, but can travel all over qld/nsw.
    Thanks in advance.

    Pic is my 58 volvo project that I'm leaving with my parents in canuckistan.
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    Hey, there's a few factors to consider. How size car do you want? How old are you willing to go with? is one of the more popular car buying sites.

    A few things to remember in buying a car:
    • the car will need a roadworthy certificate (RWC) before purchase, if the seller doesn't have one, forget it
    • "average" yearly travel for Brisbane cars would be around 15,000 km / year
    • I'm not sure if you'll be able to buy a car without a local license
    That's all that comes to mind. Feel free to ask questions.

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