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1992 Mitsubishi Pajero

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  • 1992 Mitsubishi Pajero

    Is it worth getting a 3 litre 92 Pajero for towing? How reliable are they and has anyone had any experience owning one?

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    So long as maintenance has been performed you should be fine on that, at 3.0L I believe it is the 6G72 engine which I have yet to come across issues. I mate of mine had one in a SWB 1994 Pajero and covered over 220,000 miles before he sold it.


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      Pajero has always had a pretty good streak in the reliability department, so long as the car has been well maintained, and doesnt have a flogged out, million kilometer engine, it'll tow pretty much anything in its weight limit.

      From Memory (and i could be wrong) the Pajero of this vintage towed like 2.5-3 ton... so, it'll do basically anything you wanna realistically tow, but take any one you buy to a mechanic and get their opinion on it, ask them all the questions you need, like ask them how well they think it'll go towing your thing as far as you need to go, they've got a pretty good eye for seeing how cars will respond to use cases
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        FTO 6A12 (2lt v6 DOHC 24V Mivec,7500rpm) with Greddy Emanage blue would be very different and fun but not the best for towing(like a RB20DE in a Patrol)!


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          Anyways, yeah not bad for towing! Thirsty on fuel but pretty tough, check for lifter tick/ overheating probs due to head gasket failure/ cylinder head corrosion/ and weak gearboxes/front diff auto hub locks in early v6 models! But if it's been soccer mum driven with a known service history and well looked after should be ok (pajero owners club aus are very helpful i've heard)!


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            Years ago I was on an island above south america for 5 months and the Pajero's were everywhere. They seemed to be good survivors on the dodgy roads and with the salty hot climate (lot's of metal, quite heavy).
            Don't really know them on the engine department.