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$15k Race/Road car

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  • $15k Race/Road car

    What's up?

    In about 3 yrs, I'm going to shop and or pimp my very first car.

    I absolutely love the way race cars look like, and how they are built up...
    The dreams of my first car, are me buying a very cheap car, and then pimp it up maybe, if possible, I'll get some more hp and stuff like that!
    New interior, exterior, and some real race bars, cause that looks freakin' awesome!

    The thing is, at that time, I'm studying so the budget is about $15k or less.
    Also, I live in Europe so parts in The USA aren't available for me, unfortunately

    Actually, I think that many young people are looking for this kinda stuff, so maybe you could make it as a video? Just an idea, but your decision ofc!

    It would be a pleasure if someone could make this happen...

    And for all the mechanic stuff, I know a gut
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