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Looking for a car up to $6k. Advice?

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  • Looking for a car up to $6k. Advice?

    Im looking for a car that's RWD or AWD.

    I live in WA so mot many options.

    No Fords/Holden (That's just a personal thing)

    If any of you guys had suggestions that'd be great!


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    Not going Holden or Ford really does shoot you in the foot, as they are THE Cheapest way to get into RWD (SV6 and XR6 are legit pretty cheap now, especially for early VF Holdens or BA Fords) but i can suggest for AWD, a lot of 90's Subaru's; WRX's, Impreza's and whatnot, maybe some older Audi's (Like TT's and A6's),

    RWD, you're looking at like, BMW 325i, some old Mercedes Benz, MG's or some old like 70's or 80's muscle/ey cars if you're brave

    To be frank, there just ISNT a lot for under $6000 thats a lot of fun outside of Commodores or Falcons, BUT! always keep any eye on GumTree or Carsales, you'll always find a bargain! even if its not the highest trim level for the car you want, you can always make it that higher level!
    Car List:
    1996 Isuzu MU 3.1L (4JG2 Manual) Turbo Diesel
    1990 Toyota MR2 GT 2.0L Turbo (SW20)

    Yeah... Thats about it..


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      Hey, man. I wonder which car did you choose? Now, I have the same question. So, I'm thinking of taking it on credit. And so, I use these loan for small purchases, click here https://credit-10.com/no/bedrift-lan/ , and I looked at my credit history that I can afford a car. Finally, I deserved it. Dude, I can't tell you how tired I am of taking public transport to work. Despite the fact that I have a driving license for a long time. I don't believe this moment has come.
      Now I need to choose the coolest car, but up to 10K.
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