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Need help with engine swap

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  • Need help with engine swap

    i was planning on buying a 1998 lancer ce mr and doing a engine swap and was wondering if i could get a list on engines possible of being swapped that could be done. as i am new to the car modding scene


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    Depends on what you want from the car. The sky, and your bankaccount, are the limit pretty much. If you have money to burn you can make it rearwheeldrive and put a V8 Hemi in it.

    The more sensible option would be a more powerfull 4-cylinder, the easiest choice would be an engine from the same year Lancer. What engine does it have currently?

    Also, not sure if swapping an engine when you're new to car modding is the best idea. I'd start of small.


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      go the rwd hemi...weekend, couple of slabs, done.

      you don't need to buy the MR(4g93) if your going to pull the engine anyway, just get a gli(4g15).

      if your end up modding the factory motor start with the 4g93 MR. chuck a turbo on it, it doesn't the much to overpower the tyres at all legal road speeds.


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        Whats 2sexy? Is that a 98? Do what marty did if it is. Easy peasy.
        Permanent rev limiter = the crank popping out to say ELLO!!!!


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          depends what you wants, the easiest swaps for those model cars are 4G93 MIVEC's, 4G94's, 4G69's if you can get one to fit, or a 6A12/13 from a FTO but it does take some serious time and effort and can cost you quite a few dollars


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            Although an engine swap is a great learning experience and "can" be fun just make sure you have the knowledge or other people to help before you start.
            Sometimes its easier to just buy a car with the engine already fitted... Why not look at a Lancer GSR with the 4G93 turbo engine fitted and 4WD?