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What car should I get around 3.5k? (P Plater)

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  • What car should I get around 3.5k? (P Plater)

    Looking at getting my first car. I've been really interested in Mk4 golf, a GTI specifically. I just love the look of mk4 golfs. but mk4 GTI's or even just regular mk4s are either difficult to find or are way too overpriced. Any other suggestions?

    3.5k~ AUD Budget
    Located in Brisbane

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    G'day man

    You're probably not gonna be able to get a Golf GTI on your P Plates
    simply put, the GTI's are Turbo, and there is pretty much a blanket ban on anything that is turbo (unless its like a Kei car or a LandCruiser)

    That said, there are some other NA hot hatches you might wanna look at, Honda Civics or something, or even maybe an MX5, if you up the budget to $4k, you're looking at some okay looking examples.

    keep in mind, your first car probably shouldn't be all that fast xD
    Car List:
    1996 Isuzu MU 3.1L (4JG2 Manual) Turbo Diesel
    1990 Toyota MR2 GT 2.0L Turbo (SW20)

    Yeah... Thats about it..


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      As a first car I’d recommend anything smallish and light, which ideally doesn’t handle very well. That way you won’t mind the lack of power as you’ll get the fully “driving on the edge experience” while still not really risking your licence. You’ll also learn to drive better and will later on get more out of your future GTi. My tuppence.

      Happy New Year!!


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        Pick a Manufacturer and do your research first! Your mechanical knowledge, market value going up or down, will it die, repair costs/parts prices and can you get them , easy to work on, fuel consumption and then street cred as it's a personal thing when you mod your car! Just a Quick/interesting top 10 lightweight hatchback/coupe heads up list and suggested model pick!

        #1 3dr/coupe Honda's of most type's, (most are thrashed and high kay's)
        #2 CC/CE Lancer/Mirage, MR/VRX models
        #3 X3 Excel 3Dr Sprint 98<, 1.5L DOHC 16V
        #4 Ford Festiva 3dr Trio S, with 1.6L B6-ME SOHC 16V EFI Laser engine (easy boltin)
        #5 Daihatsu Charade G200 3dr with 1.6L HD-E 97< SOHC 16V EFI 89kw Applause engine (easy boltin)
        #6 Toyota Paseo (yes the forgotten mini toyota sports car of the 90's), 1.5L DOHC 16V
        #7 Toyota Starlet EP91 3dr Group X, 1.3L DOHC 16V EFI (Paseo 1.5L would be fun)
        #8 Daihatsu Sirion GTVI 1.3L DOHC 16V DVVT (weak gearbox/Clutch)
        #9 Nissan Pulsar SSS N14/NX coupe (SR20DE, say no more)
        #10 Saab turbo's of all kind's (just don't expect to do burnout's ok)


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          I bought my XJ for exactly 3.5k € But would not recommend it as first/only car. (moderate to high maintenance costs, questionable reliability)

          My picks:
          1. BMW E30 or E36 if they are available in your area. High mileage 6-cylinders are usually still good.
          2. 5./6.Gen Toyota Celicas (if you like the look)
          3. First Gen Ford Focus ST

          PS: I don't like VAG cars except buses
          '09 BMW 120d 3-door
          '96 Jaguar XJ Sovereign 4.0
          '03 Yamaha YZF-R6


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            Yep you can get decent 4cly/6cly or newer models for 3.5G, just that as a daily driver after you pay the running costs you have less to spend on mods! Also once the excess weight (rear seats, sound deadening/air con/sound system) is removed you still have a fair bit of weight left! Many of the model's i've listed you can still find in VGC, low klm granny spec for 1.5-2G leaving you 1.5-2G for mods to personalize your ride! EG: VGC 2 owner early 1992 Blue Toyota Paseo 98,000klms with 100k major service done with a decent set of alloys for 2.5G on car sales! Early model (91-95)makes 6kw more 1000rpm higher and weighs 50kg less), 995kg, 75kw (101hp) stock, 100kg should be easy to stripout and cheap cold air intake/catch can/exhaust/front brake upgrade/semi slicks/perfomance fluids easy mods! Hence 900kg 80-85kw (112hp)@6500rpm nibble sports coupe which handles and brakes well enough for a few easy track day's if treated carefully, $30 a week fuel bill fun daily with decent street cred which puts a smile on your face every time(what it's all about hey)!