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Subaru Liberty 3.6R vs BMW 328i

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  • Subaru Liberty 3.6R vs BMW 328i

    Hey guys,

    I am located in VIC. My budget is $25,000.

    I prefer a car which has done under 100,000km, and I prefer a sedan.

    After inputting all this information into carsales, 2015-2016 Subary Liberty 3.6R and a 2012-2013 BMW 328i is what I have found to like most.

    The only other alternative is a 370z which is a coupe, but I mainly prefer the above.

    I am looking for the car that is quicker, but at the same time I am not very knowledable about their USED car status and how long they will last.


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    with that budget you can pick up a mid 2000's WRX STi and have 10k left over for mods if your looking for something fast.
    You could also pick up a manual turbo supra or a turbo manual skyline and have change left over. all of those would blow the doors off a liberty or 328i or 370z.


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      I am looking for a car that has done under 100,000km as I plan on keeping the car for a while. The cars described above are all older, though it is possible to find a newer WRX so I will keep that in mind


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        Well its your money I suppose, good luck with the hunt.