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Can you identify this car?

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  • Can you identify this car?

    Saw this car in one of MCM's latest videos when they were at the GTI festival, and I instantly got hooked on the aesthetics of this thing. But I have absolutely no idea what it is .
    Can anyone give me an idea on what it might be?

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    Hi there,

    That should be a VW Passat (B2 / Typ 32B) hatchback from 1981-1988. Looks really nicely modded it has to be said!


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      Thanks for your reply! Has definitely had a mountain of mods and looks fantastic!


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        yep, Kaktus is correct, its a VW Carat, which shared chassis with the old Quantum, which turned into the Passat in the states. longitudinally mounted engine, and some of them did have the AWD setup that came from the older audi quattros. it was common to see the 2.3L 5cyl non turbo in them, as well as variants of the 1.8L 4popper, though many people swapped the 2.2L turbo from the later audi 5000CS, 100 and 200 models.
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          its a old passat yea you you also have a vw santana who has a butt behind it.

          got to love the turbodiesels, if you swap a AAZ engine in it you have a sturdy engine to play around with