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Japanese car idea ??

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  • Japanese car idea ??

    Hello there
    So this year i need to get a new car..... (not new like 2020)
    Now i'm driving a Civic EK3 1.5 Vtec-E and i use it for daily and for long travels
    I will keep it as a daily drive but i will need another one that i can rely on .....
    So we are looking for JDM Machine that can compete against BMW 3 series (E36-E46/325-330i) or 5 Series (E39-E60/525-530i)
    200HP++ we can make exception for 150hp if the car can handle some mods....
    Not very new, let's say max 2008 ....
    2/3 doors or 4/5 doors
    So far i'm looking at
    Lexus IS200 (IS300 if found manual (don't know about the auto) )
    Mazda 3 MPS
    Mazda 6 MPS
    Some Subaru's but not very sure about them (are they reliable etc.) Legacy/ Liberty 3.0R or 3.0R Spec B (wagon and sedan)

    Tell me what you think !?
    I'm from Bulgaria/Europe and i've always had a Japanese car's and i will continue drive them....

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    I like your list so far, some similar options to what I've noted down on my next car list. Have you considered the GS300, Accord Type S, Chaser, EP3?


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      I had a 1997Subaru JDM Wrx for 6 years, was fairly reliable - but I didn't beat on it.
      If you're into the V8 feel, maybe a mid 90's Toyota Soarer? The GT-T spec model if it can be found would I suspect compete with the BMWs


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        Now I’m looking at Accord Type S 7th generation and Civic EP Type R ??
        i don’t know about the EP like does it have enough space on the back seats and trunk ...
        don’t really like the placement of the shifter ... but since it’s a Type R I will get over it


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          Rear of EP3's is perfectly roomy for an adult.
          Boot Space is acceptable; much the same as any japanese hatchback.

          Shifter placement is the BEST thing about the car, having to mvoe your hand 3 inches from the steering wheel to shift, rather than 3 feet? Godsend.