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Japanese car idea ??

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    Originally posted by Kullman View Post

    It would requite a lot of fabrication... It really doesn't worth the time.
    yeah, i know. just thought i'd poison some ppl's minds with that mad idea.


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      I’m currently looking at the Lexus is250 and the GS300 1997-2005 most are autos but nvm

      But still something pushes me to Accord CL 2.4 2003-2008 prefer the facelift thou with the Navi sunroof etc...


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        Originally posted by VilioBG View Post
        I’m currently looking at the Lexus is250, the Lexus GS300 [1997-2005], and Accord CL 2.4 2003-2008
        Turbo kits for the:
        is250 (2006) -> 433AUD +Intercooler (eBay)
        GS300 (2005) -> $1220 (Toyota)
        Accord (2008) -> $930 (eBay)

        I'm assuming you want a project car that goes moderately fast. this is where i would start.


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          U got me
          I’m looking for a car the can be a project little bit not too deep (said no one never)
          but and to be a good daily driver let’s say I’ve been already in this hatchback racer ages .... I still wonder about an EP but the Accord still pull’s me it’s practical too and I think a K24 can a nice turbo 300hp on a family daily Accord would be dope AF ...


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            Update: Final decision

            it Will be Accord Euro Type S definitely!
            it just combines everything you could want from a car...
            as said in one drive tribe article:
            It's something I’d thrash at the track on a Sunday, be stuck in traffic in on a Monday, use as the grocery getter Tuesday to Thursday and transport my friends to the gig in on a Friday.

            thank you all !!!

            PS: I think the thread is good to continue because anyone can look for JDM car competitor to the EU BMW 3-5 series, Audi’s and Benz’s ( and I live in EU


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              Sounds like a good choice!

              Have you seen any prospective candidates for sale so far?


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                Originally posted by Kaktus View Post
                Sounds like a good choice!

                Have you seen any prospective candidates for sale so far?
                Yeah the price’s they have are pretty much super stable from more than a year now ...
                Accord 2.4 no matter Type S or Executive vary from around 4000 up to 6000-7000 € euro
                It really all depends of the condition of the car km’s/miles... there are some cars for around 2600-3600€ with little rust dots on the rear with around 230k km’s ...
                but overall the price is stable around 5k €

                BUT I’m still thinking and looking for another good JDM sedan (sport-sedan) ideas ... ( still have in my mind a GS300 automatic ... but it’s heavy...) I’m a big RWD fan but those Toyota Chasers are damn expensive... it’s unreal ...

                give ideas
                think think
                I think around new year to buy a car ...
                for now is still the Accord CL still seems like a good choice