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Cheap JDM for first car?

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  • Cheap JDM for first car?

    I live in the UK and I am thinking about getting a cheap JDM car, which is reliable, take me from point A to B, cheap to service. I have an idea of what car I want to begin with (a Honda Civic EF hatch), but does anyone have any better recommendations or is my idea alright?

    Thanks for reading,


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    Alright mate. What do you call cheap? Have you thought about a Lexus IS200? Good cheap reliable rear wheel drive fun. And here in the uk there’s quite a good tuning scene too.


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      What kind of budget do you have?

      The Civic EF is no doubt a good car to start with, might be hard to find one in good condition nowadays though? One cheapish alternative could be a Toyota Corolla T Sport, especially the supercharged version? A somewhat flawed car but still relatively cheap.

      Have you considered the Civic FN2?


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        Civic Ek3
        Lexus IS200
        Toyota Celica but the old ones the newer doesn't look good
        Miata is always the answer ....
        Mitsubishi colt
        So many cheap choices in UK if the transport/delivery to Bulgaria wasn't that expensive i would drive only RHD ....


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          I love the Mitsubishi FTO... It's one of my dream cars...

          It's only available in RHD, and they are not hard to find them in UK for around 1000 £.

          The design is obviously (it's my opinion) inspired by the Toyota Supra MK4, but on a smaller factor, and available only in FWD.


          Even if the MIVEC V6 is more desirable in terms of power output (almost 200 PS), the 1.8i version is based on a 4G93 engine which produces around 125 PS., and it was used in a lot of cars of different brands (Volvo, Proton, Mitsubishi and the chinese Brilliance), and could be cheaper to maintain.