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Cheap JDM for first car?

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  • Cheap JDM for first car?

    I live in the UK and I am thinking about getting a cheap JDM car, which is reliable, take me from point A to B, cheap to service. I have an idea of what car I want to begin with (a Honda Civic EF hatch), but does anyone have any better recommendations or is my idea alright?

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    Alright mate. What do you call cheap? Have you thought about a Lexus IS200? Good cheap reliable rear wheel drive fun. And here in the uk there’s quite a good tuning scene too.


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      What kind of budget do you have?

      The Civic EF is no doubt a good car to start with, might be hard to find one in good condition nowadays though? One cheapish alternative could be a Toyota Corolla T Sport, especially the supercharged version? A somewhat flawed car but still relatively cheap.

      Have you considered the Civic FN2?