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3 door Mitsubishi mirage 4g63??

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  • 3 door Mitsubishi mirage 4g63??

    So I'm new to modified cars but I always figured the best way to learn is by doing! So I was brainstorming project car and I stumbled across a 2001 mitsubishi mirage.. I had one of these as my very first car and as slow as it was the nostalgia and amount of fun it was to drive got me thinking..
    What if I could make it fast!? The idea is drop in 4g63t and make it off its HEAD.
    I understand this is a BIG project for a beginner but that's part of the reason I want to do it.
    So I have a few questions..
    1) How achievable is this? fittment parts needed etc?
    2) would it be mad??
    ​​3) any advice for a beginner?
    ​​​​​4) should I commit or keep brainstorming?

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    1) Those came with the 1.5 yeah? PRETTY SURE The 1.8L from the lancer of the same year bolts straight in....... Just saying.... (double check...)
    2) It would be mad, but holy hell you're underestimating how much work it'll be, if you need to fabricate engine mounts.
    ​​3) My advice is to commit to smaller projects, or drop in engine swaps as a beginner.
    ​​​​​4) You should commit, so long as you're ready for at least $10k of parts and labour when you need things made, otherwise, consider the lancer swap.

    Interesting thing about those cars around that year;
    I'm absolutely convinced that someone in Mitsubishi completely messed up the gearbox:engine combos.

    The Lancer, with the bigger engine got the OVERLY short ratio box, which had you hunting for gears, and none were ever quite right.
    The Mirage, got a strangely long ratio box, where it always feels like it's struggling for power.

    When you plop the gear ratios into a calulator, it makes perfect sense if they were reversed, but no sense the way they were shipped.

    I'm convinced someone screwed it up on the table.