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Taking on the gravel and the mud.

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  • Taking on the gravel and the mud.

    Looking to upgrade to a small zippy car or a cheap skyline, something with potential for a body kit and modifications. Small problem, I live 15kms off of the tarmac, over crappy gravel that can destroy a sump and slit light tires. Soon to get my green p’s and ship myself off to uni, but I would like a vehicle that can dominate the city streets and take on the dirt roads also. Hopefully to make the river with the boys when I return.
    I currently drive a Nissan Navara D21 4x4( $500)which has had no troubles regarding the roads, but is mechanically dead, nearly to 400,000kms, and is not worthy of cruising the streets.
    The budget is approx 10-15k if I stretch it.

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    Properly modified, with a complete under guard kit, improved suspension, and gravel/asphalt tyres (maybe Pirelli XR5?), an Impreza WRX should provide the sturdiness you need for that kind of enviroment.


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      I‘ll have a look , thanks. A mate mentioned the WRX gearboxes are hit and miss, would that be anything to take into consideration?


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        I really don't have much information about it, as i never had a WRX, but there are services specialized on rebuilding Subaru gearboxes, so it shouldn't be a big problem.


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          Cheers mate, thanks for the wisdom.