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Daily driver/ family back-up

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  • MHR1294
    This is probably quite vague,

    but if your kids are quite young and not going to be tall for another few years, you could get a sportyish car that's a 2+2 seater - obviously they'll be fine in the small rear seats.

    What do you drive just now? I've no idea what sort of cars are still available in the US or their prices.

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  • Mr.MR2
    started a topic Daily driver/ family back-up

    Daily driver/ family back-up

    I'm starting to car shop for a new daily driver. I'm looking for something fun to drive (very preferably manual) and reliable that will get decent mileage (30mpg highway preferred); I am in the US, looking to spend about 20k or less. Here's the catch: while I will be driving by myself almost always, I need to be able to carry 2 kids in the event that the family car is not working. What do you all think?