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My Nissan Tragic Guide to Import Collectibles.

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  • My Nissan Tragic Guide to Import Collectibles.

    Buying a used grey import already landed in Australia? Bang for buck and good value? Heres my list from personal experience... Feel free to chime in......

    My first nomination goes to the Nissan Stagea M35. Its AWD and Turbo. Most cars come fully loaded. Currently 3 are listed on car sales. (Not mine)

    Downside? Its a heavy car and rego is more expensive in some states. 99% of Stagea are auto/triptronic. Finding a *Autech M35 version in manual is rare.*They only came in white.
    All Stageas are listed on the Skyline worldwide register. (Online)

    Upside M35 with VQ25DET = 206kw. Most service parts are easy to source from other local delivered Aussie cars. (Cross reference parts numbers)
    Expect to pay a lot more for the C34 stagea with a factory RB26. (Essentially thats a GTR wagon) Still a lot cheaper than a GTR coupe.
    With current import rules. I believe the Nissan Stagea M35 is no longer eligible for import until the 25 year rule kicks in. (Correct me if im wrong) Future collectible? Maybe.

    2nd nomination goes to the V35-36 Skyline or Infinity. Preferably the coupes in manual. All engines (VQ35) are similar to 350Z or Nissan Maxima locally delivered. (easy parts at reasonable prices). Once again cross reference part numbers. (Thermo fans, Trans service kits, oil filters, air filters)
    Future collectible? Probably not. They made too many. The V35-36 is kind of like the Mazda RX5 back in the day. Nobody wanted one. Same can be said for the Mazda Rx8. Neither the RX5 or RX8 lived up to the earlier legendary models or last model RX7'
    *Avoid the V35 in 4 door with the silly 7 speed auto.

    3rd Nomination goes to the Pulsar GTIr. What a little weapon! Its rare to see one come up for sale anymore. Trust me, I been looking to buy one for last few years. Expect to pay over 25k for a good unmolested car. Collectible? Yup!

    4th Nomination. Laugh if you will. Nissan Figaro! Im a big fan. Its a quirky car and really appeals to a niche market. Collectible? Yup! Prices are going up! up! Globally.

    5th Nomination. No need to mention, thats why its last on the list. We all know that any Skyline,R32,33,34 is on the wish list. Add any S13-S15 and 180sx. If you want any of these cars? Buy them now before prices go nutz. To the peeps who drift any of these cars. Keep on drifting, molesting and wrecking them. Its your car and you can do what you want. Im keeping mine stock. As the years roll on less and less are now seen on street rego.

    Can someone write up a Subaru list? Lol.

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