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Need help deciding on what car to buy

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  • Need help deciding on what car to buy

    Hello all, I need some help deciding on a new car to buy as my current ride ( a '05 BA Ford Falcon) seems to be on its last legs.

    I'm looking at a budget of 10k - 15k (Australian). Something small and sporty would be nice (The falcon is too big for someone who drives alone 99% of the time and I have no need for extra carrying capacity)

    I'd like something post 2010, fun to drive, maybe something I can wrench on and do some mods. I don't have any brand preferences, I'm kind of aiming for a Japanese car as I've only owned Holdens and Fords.

    Cars I've considered are:

    VW Golf - (They seem alright, I've never driven one though)
    Mazda Mx5 - Sporty convertible seems fun, except all the cheap options seem to be snapped up quick and I'm also 6"1' so might be a bit cramped
    Toyota 86 - I'd have to go over budget for this. I'm not sure I want to spend 20k at the moment.
    Nissan 350z - Same as above, I'd have to go over budget.

    Any help would be massively appreciated.

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    I'm biased, but buy a WRX


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      I once had a 86, greatest car I've ever driven. So I am biasedas well. Just keep an eye on the market, a low priced one might turn up.