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Buying an STI

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  • Buying an STI

    Ok so I have a budget of around 50k, I have tested the MY15 premium and a MY17 standard and the premium seats were much more comfortable for me.... Android auto and Apple car are a must have so does this mean I'm limited to a MY19&20?
    Colours? white or Subaru blue may settle on black.
    The MY15 I test drove had a tune and I was blown away at what a difference it made over a stock tune.
    Any advice on year/model is appreciated and also what to look out for.
    With these being a hot commodity right now I may need to buy interstate sight unseen.

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    Also will be a garage queen not my daily.


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      I had an Impreza (the one on my profile pic) and it had all the gimmicks like bluetooth, apple car stuff and everything after I ordered a whole infotainment system on and put it in there. I did that as a joke, but it works damn perfect. I think with some tinkering you can get Apple Car in every vehicle with a 12V battery on board.

      Apart from that, every Subaru I've driven so far was great fun and a solid car. They all had a drinking problem however, but I think you can handle that with your budget. Go for it.

      Personally I'd take it in white. "Crystal White Pearl" (colour code K1X) is damn beautiful, but blue would work too. Black is to muck work for me when it gets scratched, it's hard to buff out.


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        Just in case you are looking for some quality carbon fibre body panels for your future STI this guy in Rathnew, Co. Wicklow in Ireland is worth considering;

        He exports WRC rally replica carbon kits worldwide. He’s in the neighbouring town to me so if you need someone to check anything out I’d be happy to help.

        Not sure though if he’s doing the newer Subarus but would be worth checking with him if it’s something you’re considering.


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          Picked up a MY21 with just over 10,000km's ok the clock completely stock no mods I'm cheering.
          Lip kit is first on my mod list


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            That’s brilliant! Now, the most important next step is to upload some photos of your new baby!