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I need help!

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  • I need help!

    I have just started flipping cheap cars and just wanted to ask what cars should I stay away from and which ones are better to buy.

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    Go for popular brands with cheap parts, as I assume you will need to tidy them up a bit and maybe do some minor repairs and you don’t want to be spending too much. Look for cars with decent history, they’ll be easier to flip I’d assume.

    You might want to look into how much you can turnover before you need to register for VAT, doubtful anyone will look into it but always good to know what the law stipulates regarding what’s considered trading for profit and what is just a bit of fun.


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      I see you're in Australia like I am; if they're PURELY for flip, looks are EVERYTHING.
      Protons, Barinas, Mercedes... anything 'luxury' that isn't 'boy racer' will sell to grandma for near asking price.
      Less and less people care or know about mechanical details, and just want carplay, leather, nice scents, smooth ride. etc.

      Keep in mind, without a dealer licence, the government will come down on you like a tonne of bricks if you sell too many (4 or 5 a year I think?)
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        Looks are everything like stated above, learn to polish and clean, go for prestigious brands. I had to sell my Opel with very little kms, perfect mechanical condition with a loss. Because the paint was a bit faded, it was an older model and Opel has lost any prestige it once may have had. I learned from it. From now on I only buy japanese cars for myself (cheap to fix) or fancy ones for a profit.